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Thank you for your interest in LAURA LEEDS.

Welcome to I hope you have a fun experience and find some special pieces along the way.

I research and handpick unique jewelry and accessories from all over the world.

I source special pieces that are unique, classic, traditional, and beautiful and some things are just for fun.

Much like life, when you get up in the morning you feel a little different each day. Sometimes you want to be more casual so how you dress will reflect how you feel. Your jewelry is the same way. Sometimes you want to look more conservative while other times you want to look more exceptional with a great look and some outstanding jewelry.

Personally, I like to mix things up. Sometimes casual clothes with an outrageous piece of jewelry or accessory can really make
the whole outfit pop, while at the same time conveying how I feel. When I feel more demure, I will choose a more simple and/or delicate piece.

We all have the opportunity to make our own choices and we do so in
choosing pieces that reflect who we are if even for one day. I hope you enjoy your experience and the web site.
I will be adding new products
continuously as well as some surprises along the way. I hope to exceed your expectations and hope you have a special day.

-Laura Leeds

You can contact us at Located in Spokane WA